Practice Exam

1. What is the role of an agonist muscle?

2. Which of the following should you pay attention to during class?

3. Which punch comes from the stomach area and points to the opponent?s chin?

4. Flexion decreases the angle at a joint.

5. You don?t need to explain exercise directions out loud. You can perform an exercise and students will follow.

6. What does DOMS refer to?

7. Which of the following statements is true regarding how the class should be structured?

8. What is considered good posture while participating in a kickboxing class?

9. You should always teach a simple version of an exercise before a more difficult progression.

10. Once way to measure your heart rate is to place you two fingers on your pulse and count the beats over 10 seconds. How is the best way to get your one minute heart rate?

Grade Exam