Practice Exam

1. Which training principle describes the practice of systematically increasing your repetitions to get stronger?

2. Why should you use a PAR-Q with your clients in the initial visit?

3. Which of the following is not true when using proper form?

4. Breathing should be performed as inhaling as the muscles lengthen and exhaling as the muscles contract.

5. When deciding exercise volume for a new client, how many sets are recommended for muscle endurance?

6. How much rest time is recommended for power exercises?

7. The frontal plane explains the division of the body between front and back.

8. When is the only time you shouldn’t use a spotter?

9. Quadriceps are a primary mover (agonist) in a leg extension. What is the antagonist muscle?

10. You should always keep a current CPR certification when training clients.

Grade Exam