Practice Exam

1. What is your most important role as a personal trainer?

2. How many muscles are in your body (roughly)?

3. Which training principle describes the practice of gradually adding more resistance so there is enough stimulus to grow?

4. What are the most common signs of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)?

5. Breathing should be performed as inhaling as the muscles lengthen and exhaling as the muscles contract.

6. Quadriceps are a primary mover (agonist) in a leg extension. What is the antagonist muscle?

7. Which training principle describes the practice of systematically increasing your repetitions to get stronger?

8. The frontal plane explains the division of the body between front and back.

9. Which of the three planes of motion describe dividing the body into top and bottom?

10. Which contraction involves muscle length variations with no change in tension?

Grade Exam