Our Privacy Policy

Keeping Your Date Protected

This policy applies to visitors to our site and those who wish to obtain services from the National Personal Training Association (NPTA). It covers what type of information we collect, the purpose, and how information is protected.

Anonymous and Personally Identifiable Information

We collect and use two general types of data from you. The first is anonymous. This is generic information about your browser, pages you look at on our site, and which links you click. This is used by us to generate site statistics and modify our site based on overall usage. This information is not directly connected to your identity.

Personally identifiable information is collected by us to deliver specific services and to communicate with you about your order. This will be requested if you decide to use certain services on the site and you may opt out by not providing the information. However, collecting financial and other personal information is necessary for us to provide services and if you do not allow it, site functionality will be limited.

Here are some examples of the information we collect:

  • Account Information is generated when you decide to open an account on our site. This information includes your name and address, phone number, e-mail, and the services you request. When you make a purchase, your payment type and data is collected for that transaction.
  • Performance and Usage Data tracks site use and is used for troubleshooting, customer service issues (such as browser compatibility), and to generate overall site statistics, such as pages visited and time spent on the site. This data tells us how well our site is performing.
  • Device and Software Information helps us make decisions about product delivery and to make adjustments based on customer needs.  
  • Location Information is used generally to make decisions about location specific offerings, such as language and currency. It may also be used as a security measure when services are paid for.

We collect information in three ways:

  • We ask for specific, personal information when you open an account or make a purchase from us.  
  • Data is collected about site use and use of specific products and services.
  • Information is collected when we communicate with you about your order or questions you may have about our products.

Why do we collect this information?

  • To provide services and improve customer relations.
  • To make decisions about site offerings and how they are presented.
  • To answer customer questions and resolve problems with our site.
  • To detect and address site functionality or security issues.
  • For traffic analysis.
  • To communicate with you about updates, new content, special offers and other promotions related to your interests.
  • To prevent or address violations of our Terms of Service.

Our commitment to you

We do not sell your Personal Information to third parties. It is kept for our business purposes only, in a secure format using industry standards for secure data handling. When your information is no longer needed for taxes or legal reasons, and you have closed your account, we delete it.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies (small data files temporarily held in browser history) for two general purposes. The first type is called a “session cookie,” and keeps track of the pages you visit and the links you click. This is an anonymous type of data collection that is not connected to your personal information. All visitors to our site will generate session cookies. If cookies are turned off in a browser, our site will not display properly.

The second type of cookie is generated when you either open a new account or log in to an existing account. This does link you to the personally identifiable information used to open the account. The primary purposes are to allow you to interact with our site in a secure manner, to provide the services you have paid for, to track your progress through the certification process, to verify any financial transactions, and to prevent others from accessing your account.