Frequently Asked Questions

If I pass your CPT certification test do I receive certification?

Yes. Pass our CPT certification test and you'll receive your Certified Personal Trainer certification from the National Personal Training Association.

What about the other courses that you offer. Will I receive certification?

Yes, we offer a wide range of courses, which offer certification in everything from group fitness and senior fitness to yoga and pilates. Click here to see the list of courses we offer.

Do I have to attend classroom sessions?

No, our course and exams are 100% online.

Can I take other fitness certification exams with the National Personal Training Association?

Yes! Through the National Personal Training Association you can gain certification 100% online in many different fitness fields. We offer certification courses such as Golf, Health Management, Functional Fitness and much more.

How long do your certification programs take?

Our programs typically take people several hours to complete. It really depends on how long you plan to study for your final exam.

What kind of exam should I expect?

Our tests are straightforward multiple-choice exams.

What is the time limit on your exams?

There is no time limit. You are free to print out the exam and answer questions whenever and wherever you like.

Are there study guides and what are they like?

Like all of our course materials, our study guides have been prepared and written by certified fitness professionals. Our study guides are designed to help you pass the exam.

What score do I need to pass?

A score of 80% or above is a passing grade.

What happens if I do not pass?

If you do not pass you can take as many exam retakes as you wish for free.

Who designed your courses?

We are proud of the fact that all material and exams have been created by certified fitness professionals. 

How long does it take to receive my results?

We are pleased to provide our clients with free instant test grading, test results and certification. Once you've passed any one of our exams, you'll receive your digital certification cards via email. 

How long does my certification stay active?

Your certification will remain active for a full calendar year from the date you pass the exam. Once your certification expires, you can renew.