Why Choose Us?

The National Personal Training Association's goal is to help those seeking their Certified Personal Trainer credentials, as well as other fitness certifications, to achieve credentials in their specific niche in a streamlined and convenient fashion.

We Focus on Time Saving Benefits

In addition to being a highly cost effective way to achieve various fitness related certifications, NPTA strives to make your life as easy as possible.

Our courses offer an array of unique and time saving benefits. We realize that you're busy with your career and need your certification quickly. That's why we've streamlined our program as much as possible.

Our tests only take 1 to 2 hours on average to complete and you can take them at your own pace 24/7. Additionally, students can readily print out the exam and enter the results online later if they wish.

100% Online Certification and Instant Credentials

We offer 100% online certification once the test has been passed. Immediately after receiving a passing grade, you will receive a digital pdf certification 24/7. There are neither in-person skills tests nor time limits on our exams. Time and time again, our students tell us that they are highly pleased with these factors.

Refund Policy

As soon as you pass your exam, you'll be able to print out your own certification card. With this card, you can instantly demonstrate that you passed your fitness assessment exam with the National Personal Training Association. All of our programs are 100% web based and can be completed in several hours.

At the National Personal Training Association we believe in providing the very best in test preparation, assessment testing and customer service. We offer our customers a 100% money back guarantee as long as the final exam has not been completed. Since our programs are not accredited, we recommend checking with ones employer if you are concerned with acceptance. Through our 100% online exams, you can achieve certification in a streamlined fashion and never even set foot in a classroom.