Practice Exam

1. The Borg scale refers to a personal assessment of your exercise effort on what range of scale?

2. When training a client with type 2 diabetes, how many reps should you generally recommend per exercise?

3. For type 2 diabetes, which exercise level on the Borg scale is most appropriate?

4. The only way to measure heart rate is through a heart rate monitor.

5. Use two fingers together to measure your heart rate at what body location?

6. When training clients who have had cancer, focus on which key aspects of training?

7. How many days a week should a person exercise if they are overweight?

8. With age, there are decreases in cardiac output and resting stroke volume.

9. When training someone for weight management, where should you place your exercise focus?

10. When training someone with heart disease, where should you place your exercise focus?

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