Practice Exam

1. When training clients who have had cancer, focus on which key aspects of training?

2. According to research, what percentage of a person’s muscles declines about every 10 years?

3. When you measure heart rate with your fingers, you should use what count (in seconds)?

4. When you measure heart rate with two fingers, you multiply the heart beat by what number?

5. Use two fingers together to measure your heart rate at what body location?

6. There are two lifestyle factors that can contribute to cancer: a poor diet and an inactive lifestyle.

7. A rating of 13 or 14 on the Borg scale is considered at what difficulty level?

8. Strength training is recommended for 5 days a week for seniors.

9. Lifestyle factors are known contributors to metabolic syndrome.

10. The most important factor in aging is keeping a fit and healthy body.

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