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Becoming a Fitness Trainer in Louisiana

With some of the most scenic locations in the nation, it is no wonder personal trainers in Louisiana can be seen out and about helping their clients achieve their fitness goals. Whether is working with cyclists on the Levee Bike Path or leading a yoga class at one of the many beautiful state parks, the sky is the limit for variety. Regardless of the age or fitness level of your clients, you will find that many enjoy working out outdoors in Louisiana so they can enjoy all nature has to offer.

When Crystal Adell became a personal trainer in Louisiana back in 2009, she founded the organization Black Women DO Workout!, and to this day, she is still based out of Louisiana. Adell tapped into a market she felt was ripe for growth and made it work. With more than one million subscribers online, there is no doubt that she has arrived on the scene and blossomed. While you may not get as big as Adell did, you can see that the potential for growth as a personal trainer in Louisiana is immense!

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Before you begin the journey to becoming a personal trainer, it is important that you know what employers are looking for in employees. As Louisiana has a competitive job market for personal trainers, expecting growth of about 60 new opening per year, you will quickly discover that most employers will have certain educational requirements and most desire national certification as well.

Educational Qualifications to Become a Personal Trainer in Louisiana

From an education standpoint, you can choose one of two paths to preparing for a career as a personal trainer: completing a traditional college program or seeking professional certification. You may tailor your choice to fit the needs of the company you would like to work for. Keep in mind, however, some certifying agencies require a relevant degree in order to apply. If you choose to freelance and work as an independent contractor training clients, you will need both the proper educational background and certification to attract clients.

Traditional Education to Become a Personal Trainer

If you choose to attend college to obtain the education you need relevant to becoming a personal trainer in Louisiana, you will have many options. In some cases, you may find universities that will offer some classes online that will help provide a little flexibility for your busy schedule. Without a doubt, pursuing a degree program will help you stand out as an applicant and provide a strong foundation for your career.

Most employers of personal trainers will require that their applicants have either a two or four-year degree in a field that is related to fitness training. These skills will not only help you land a job, they will help you best serve your clients and aide them in reaching their fitness and health goals.

Relevant areas of study include – but are not limited to – the following:

Kinesiology and Health – as part of this major you will study subjects including:

  • Wellness concepts

  • Biomechanics and kinesiology

  • Physiology of exercise

  • Motor control and motor learning

  • Prevention and care of athletic injuries

Physical Education – this degree program will incorporate classes like:

  • Evaluation and measurement of achievements in kinesiology

  • Physical education for individuals with disabilities

  • Anatomy and physiology

Dietetics – this major includes courses such as:

  • Nutrition assessment

  • Medical nutrition therapy

  • Macronutrients, micronutrients and the human body

  • Topics in dietetics practice

  • Food and nutrition science

Exercise Science – this major includes classes such as:

  • Nutrition for physical performance

  • Exercise, health, and sport sciences

  • Intro to personal training

  • Exercise for special population segments

Personal Trainer Certification Organizations

Once you have completed your formal education and have a degree in hand, your next step will be obtaining your national certification as a personal trainer. Before applying for certification, it is a good idea to find out what certifications they prefer so that you will meet their preferences. The most popular national certification organizations include the following. Some of these organizations require you to have a college degree before even being eligible to take the certification exam:

  • National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT)

  • National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

  • National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA)

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

  • International Fitness Association (IFA)

  • The Cooper Institute

  • Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)

  • Professional Personal Trainers Association (PROPTA)

  • International Sports Science Association (ISSA)

  • National Personal Training Institute (NPTI)

  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

  • American Council of Exercise (ACE)

Working in Louisiana’s Personal Fitness Industry

In Louisiana, you will find that most personal trainers are employed by health and fitness clubs. Keep in mind when conducting your job search that there are a number of centers such as Women’s Center for Wellness in Baton Rouge who have a clientele that is exclusively made up of women.

You will find that regardless of clientele, most fitness centers will expect their personal trainers to provide services including but not limited to physical therapy, dietary counseling, and leading workout classes. Below is a list of classes offered at Women’s Center for Wellness that can give you an idea of what type of programs, classes and counseling a typical fitness club may offer.

Take the small group training sessions as an example of your job duties. As part of this you will lead activities like:

  • Pre and post-natal fitness

  • Body toning and muscle building class

  • Swimming class

  • Pilates

  • Classes that focus on weight loss

As you progress through your job search, you will find that one of the best ways to not only see what openings there are for personal trainers, but what employers are looking for in applicants is by checking job postings. Here we have a few examples of openings for personal trainers around Louisiana in March of 2015 that can help you see what you may be facing on your job search.

LA Fitness in Slidell was looking to hire a personal trainer who could design and implement exercise programs for their clients. To be qualified, candidates would need to possess a personal trainer certification.

A Youfit branch in New Orleans was looking to hire a personal trainer who was qualified to help individual clients reach their fitness goals. This means you would need to have a nationally-recognized professional certification, and you could receive preferential consideration by having a related college degree.

A Gold’s Gym branch in New Orleans was advertising for a personal trainer who could provide clients with guidance on exercise, nutrition, and fitness programs. To qualify for this position, you would need to have a nationally-recognized certification, or obtain one within 90 days of being hired. You also would need AED/CPR certification, and would receive preferential consideration if you had a college degree in a fitness-related field.

Being a personal trainer in Louisiana is one way to launch a career that is focused on health and fitness, and which provides you with lots of human contact – perfect for social butterflies.

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