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Becoming a Fitness Trainer in Maine

By the end of 2022, Maine’s Center for Workforce Research and Information has estimated that the demand for personal trainers will increase at a rate double that of all other jobs combined. The southwest region of Maine actually ranks fifth in the nation for the employment of personal trainers in a rural area.

As a personal trainer, your clients will depend on you to help guide them to a healthier, fitter lifestyle. Your skills will be valued to the tune of making approximately $20 per hour on average. Of all metropolitan areas in the United States, Portland has the sixth highest average rate of pay for personal trainers at around $59,000 annually as of 2013.

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As one of Maine’s highly valued personal trainers, on a daily basis, you will help keep the people of the state healthy. By guiding them through the right balance of diet and exercise, you will help everyone from skiers preparing for the Titcomb Ski Race to middle aged dads looking to stay toned look and feel their best.   

Earning Strong Personal Training Credentials

To have the best chance of landing a job as a personal trainer in Maine, you are going to have to be able to offer a specific set of skills to employers. A college degree in a relevant field of study is almost considered essential, and having a national certification as a personal trainer is a requirement for most.

Traditional College Education for Personal Training

In Maine, you will have quite a few options available to you should you decide to pursue a major in a degree program aimed at the personal fitness industry. The knowledge you gain during your studies will serve as the foundation of knowledge that you use to help serve the needs of your clients. In some cases, schools will offer some or all of their classes online so that you can have a little flexibility in your schedule.

Examples of relevant associate’s and bachelor’s degree majors you can consider include:

Kinesiology and Physical Education – this degree will incorporate classes like:

  • Anatomy and physiology

  • Motor development and learning

  • Adapted physical education

  • Physiology of exercise

Exercise Science – this major includes classes such as:

  • Nutrition for physical performance

  • Exercise, health, and sport sciences

  • Intro to personal training

  • Exercise for special population segments

Health Sciences – as part of this degree program you will study subjects like:

  • Human nutrition

  • Psychology of sport and physical activities

  • Health promotion programs

  • Health research

A college degree in a discipline listed above or related to the health and fitness industry will not only satisfy a prerequisite of most employers, but the educational requirement for almost all organizations offering national certification for personal trainers.

Nationally Recognized Personal Trainer Certification

Regarding personal trainer certifications, most employers will have specific preferences. Before applying for jobs with any of Maine’s fitness clubs, it is well advised you inquire into what each employer’s preferences are. Some of the most widely accepted nationally recognized certifications include those sponsored by these organizations:

  • National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT)

  • American Council of Exercise (ACE)

  • National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

  • National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA)

  • International Fitness Association (IFA)

  • International Sports Science Association (ISSA)

  • The Cooper Institute

  • Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)

  • National Personal Training Institute (NPTI)

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

  • Professional Personal Trainers Association (PROPTA)

What You Can Expect as a Personal Trainer in Maine

When you begin your career as a personal trainer in Maine, you can expect to work with clients from all walks of life. In some cases, you make work indoors, I others outdoors, but wither way it will always be interesting.  

You may find that your clients prefer to work on-site, having you offer your guidance to enhance their performance of activities like:

  • Mountain biking along the Maine Hut Trail

  • Hiking on trails at Tumbledown Mountain and Little Jackson

  • Swimming in Alamoosook Lake

  • Snowshoeing in Bradbury Mountain State Park

  • Cross-country skiing along the trail through Sebago Lake State Park

More than likely, at some point in your career, you will work in a health or fitness club. As these are the biggest employers of personal trainers in Maine, most will prefer or even require you have a professional credential of some sort.

A survey of actual employment opportunities across the state of Maine taken in March of 2015 helps illustrate the type of openings for personal trainers in the state as well as what qualifications employers are looking for.

A university in Orono was looking for a Personal Trainer to work at its campus recreation facility to help students and faculty meet their fitness goals. The minimum requirements for this position included at least one nationally-recognized personal trainer certification.

A high-profile corporation based in Westbrook was advertising for a Health Promotion Specialist to work with employees on developing workout regimens, diet plans, and to promote health events. The minimum requirements for this position included at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field plus three years of related work experience.

A Westbrook company was searching for a Group Fitness Instructor with a background in a field like personal training to teach classes including Zumba, yoga, indoor cycling, and TRX. Minimum requirements for this job included a professional certification as well as AED/CPR certification. Candidates would receive preferential consideration for having a bachelor’s degree in a field related to Exercise Science.

A fitness trainer in Maine can enjoy knowing they are making the world a healthier place, and you can do it while pursuing the kinds of activities you already love.


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